History Support

History Support

A history support can supplement any major and can help you develop your future career. Nursing students with a support in history have gone on to serve in public health fields. A major in the field of business and support in history could lead to an analyst position. Some students take a support in history in order to delve deeper into issues and topics they find they are passionate about. If you take an interest in history, consider a support!

Total credits: 16

Students take a total of 8 credits of intermediate classes:

 HS 210: Studies in US Culture and Society (2 credits)

HS 212: Studies in European History and Society (2 credits)

HS 213: US Women’s Rights and Lives (2 credits)

HS 310: Immigration and Race in Modern Europe (2 credits)

HS 312: Images and Identities of the Native American Experience (2 credits)

HS 250: Ancient World Cultures and Civilizations (4 credits)

HS 251: Making of the Modern World (4 credits)

HS 308: United States History, 1607-1900 (4 credits)

HS 309: The United States in the 20th Century (4 credits)


Students take a total of two of the following upper level courses:

HUM 350: Studies in Cultures and Civilization series (4 credits)

HS 355: Critical Perspectives on the American Past (4 credits)

HS 375: Historical Analysis (4 credits)

HS 451: Critical Perspectives on the Early Modern World (4 credits)