Career Options

What kinds of careers will a major or minor in Global Studies and International Affairs help prepare me for?

You will leave campus prepared to respond to the growing demand for "global professionals" who understand international and cross-cultural issues, including corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Organizations, those both for-profit and not-for-profit, are increasingly seeking individuals who are able to work in more than one cultural environment, or who can train others to be sensitive to differences across cultures.

There are opportunities for those who can interpret foreign customs, laws, international political developments, and economic and social trends. Financial analysts and investment managers who specialize in overseas markets are among the careers that require this international background and experience. Social-service agencies need employees who can assist in resettlement and immigration for foreign nationals living in the United States. Increasingly, nonprofit organizations, like the YWCA or the Rotary Club, are developing their international programs.

International aid and development agencies also need individuals with a global understanding of the common good, and there are growing numbers of global advocacy groups, like international human rights and environmental organizations. Global Studies also offers excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing careers in international law, international education, journalism, or public policy.