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Theatre Track

The arts are integral to the development of self-expression, innovation and well-being. Through arts experiences, students learn to observe and engage with and shape the world, which provides opportunities for professional preparation and personal growth.

The Department of Dance/Theatre offers excellent possibilities to exercise your creativity. Unique opportunities to direct, choreograph and perform are offered each year. Department of Dance/Theatre offers a support area program where you can chose Dance or Theatre as your emphasis.  If you choose Theatre as your emphasis, you would take the courses below. 

Beginning/Intermediate Levels

  • DA/TA 115 Fundamentals of Voice and Movement 2 cr.
  • DA/TA 210 Improvisation 2 cr.
  • TA 265 Acting 2 cr.

At least one of the following: 2 cr.

  • DA 130/230 Contemporary Dance Technique
  • DA 131/231 African Dance
  • DA 132/232 Ballet technique
  • DA 134/234 Jazz technique
  • DA 134/234 Yoga

Advanced Level

  • DA 310 Dance History OR TA 310 Contemporary Theater 2 cr.
  • TA 340 Intro to Directing 3 cr.
  • TA 440 Advanced Directing 3 cr.

TOTAL credits 16 cr.

Dance/Theatre Support Area Learning Outcomes:

The student who successfully completes the dance/theatre support area should be able to:

  • use creative approaches in making and responding to performance
    • apply and assess a variety of creative strategies in the process of creating performance
    • analyze, evaluate, and engage with performing arts from various cultures and historical periods 
  • demonstrate skills of cooperation, collaboration, and leadership
  • integrate performance-related physical and vocal strategies in developing a distinctive and effective personal communication style


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