In Alverno's Dance/Theatre program, you will develop awareness of and control over the expressive potential of your body and voice. You will also focus how your intellectual and emotional processes affect your learning. You will study performance from the perspective of both audience and creator.

As an audience member, you will learn how to analyze and engage with live dance and theatre performances. Participating in a range of classroom experiences and co-curricular productions, you will develop performing skills that emerge from your personal creativity. You will experience, observe, play, reflect, create, analyze, and assess as you explore what theatre and dance mean to you personally as well as the roles of these art forms in various cultures.

In addition, you will develop sensitivity to and appreciation for a range of diverse expressions - not only in formal production contexts, but also in informal social situations.

Career Options

In combination with a major such as business and management or professional communication, a minor in dance/theatre is ideal if you're interested in marketing and promotion work in the arts and in arts management.

With an emphasis in theatre and further training in graduate school or a conservatory setting, you could pursue writing, acting, directing, and design work in the theatre. With an emphasis in dance, you could pursue further work in performance, choreography, dance therapy, dance scholarship, and criticism.

Credit for Prior Learning

Alverno offers a program to determine if you are eligible to receive college credit for prior learning. Click here for information.

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Your Next Step
To find out more about Alverno's Dance/Theatre minor, contact the Alverno Admissions office. An Admissions Counselor can answer your questions about the program, admissions, credit transfers and financial aid. Call 414-382-6100, toll-free at 1-800-933-3401 or e-mail Admissions.