Application Procedures

Applying is easy. You may apply online, which is free. Program information can be found here

Admissions Requirements

  • Application
  • Three recommendations
  • Official transcripts showing a baccalaureate or advanced degree
  • Portfolio (requirements listed below)
  • Criminal Background Check – A criminal background check is required for the program, but not at this time.  This will be discussed in class during the first semester.


Alverno does not require standardized test results.  Instead, the personal portfolio will be used to help determine your potential for success and ability to demonstrate graduate-level analytical writing and critical thinking skills.  You should therefore commit significant time and give serious thought to the preparation of your portfolio.

Professional Statement

Submit an autobiographical professional statement that clearly describes your interest, experience and goals for work in the area of community psychology. Your professional statement should address the questions listed below. The Admissions Committee will use the questions as criteria for evaluating your statement. (Note: this is a professional statement, not simply questions and answers.) Your professional statement must be double-spaced and limited to five pages.

  • Why are you pursuing a graduate degree at this time? Give some information about yourself and your motivation to pursue a graduate degree.
  • Why a degree in Community Psychology? Why are you interested in counseling? What career are you planning to pursue as you complete this degree?
  • As you think about your personal development, what and/or who has influenced your decision to pursue Community Psychology?
  • What community interests or involvements do you presently have and how do these connect with your interest in Community Psychology?

Communication Samples from Work Setting

As a demonstration of your ability to engage in effective practice in a professional setting, please submit two written academic writing samples, i.e. research paper or similar.  If you have been out of school for more than five years, you may choose to submit substantial work-related samples in lieu of academic samples.  Attach a half sheet to each sample with information about the context of the sample and why you chose it. 

In evaluating your response, the Admissions Committee will use the following criteria:

  • The writing sample reflects the ability to write clearly and coherently using a consistent writing format, including the appropriate use of grammar and spelling.
  • The writing sample includes relevant evidence to support your ideas and your thesis.
  • All outside sources in the writing sample are appropriately cited, including a reference section.
  • The writing sample has a clear structure with an introduction, body and conclusion that center around a clear thesis statement.