Communication, Management and Technology Major

Communication, Management and Technology

What is it like to study communication, management and technology at Alverno?
This Alverno on the Weekend degree program prepares you to work with the new communication modes, current management approaches, and applied technologies of today’s organizations. This major combines core courses from three disciplines—communication, business and management, and computing and information technology—to provide you with a solid foundation for career advancement. Whether you are looking to change careers or boost your potential for leadership within your current company, Alverno’s CMT major will provide you with the skills and knowledge it takes to meet your goals.

What are some opportunities for continuing students?
Continuing students will have all previous credits evaluated for transfer and may be eligible to count an associate degree as their specialization. In addition, many CMT required courses offer students the opportunity to be assessed for prior learning, which may enable students with applicable work experience to accelerate their progress through the major.

How can I focus my studies on an area of career specialization?
As a CMT student, you’ll evaluate your career interests and develop a plan for taking advanced-level elective courses that will form your specialization. You will also explore opportunities for course projects, extracurricular activities, and professional networking that can serve to enhance your knowledge and experience in your specialization.