Asian Studies Support

As an Asian Studies minor, you focus your studies on one of the most dynamic, diverse, and historical regions in the world. Whether you are a passionate entrepreneur, a compassionate health-care worker, or a budding politician, chances are your intellectual path will lead you to study, if not travel to, Asia. Asian Studies at Alverno College offers you the opportunity to explore Asia's cultures, languages, histories, economics, and politics as a complement to any of the college's majors.

Not only does Asia comprise more than 60% of the world's population, but Asian nations, peoples, and cultures have shaped much of the world's history and culture and currently play an ever-increasing role in our world. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity—the world's most practiced religions—all have their origins in Asia. And if you plan to do business in Asia, you will connect to the largest potential consumer markets in the world. Knowing the cultures, histories, and unique trends in Asian nations gives any business a competitive edge. More people speak Mandarin Chinese as a first language than any other language in the world. Moreover, the study of Asian movements—from yoga to martial arts—is increasing in popularity throughout the world as a means to living healthier, longer lives.

Whether your interest is business, politics, communication, cultural studies, art, religious studies, education, or nursing, an understanding of Asia gives you a better understanding of our world as well as a competitive edge in the job market.

With a minor in Asian Studies, you are prepared to:

  • apply interdisciplinary frameworks, abilities and knowledge to identify and interpret issues and opportunities in building relationships with Asian cultures locally and internationally;
  • communicate your independent research integrating disciplinary concepts with your knowledge of Asian societies; and
  • engage in diverse Asian settings using cultural adaptation skills.

What you will study
Asian Studies at Alverno College is designed to be a flexible support that allows you to develop your interests in Asia. To begin, you are required to take an introductory course to become acquainted with the region and to help you meet other Asianists at Alverno. 

At the intermediate and advanced levels, you choose from a variety of courses, including Asian art, religion, literature, history, dance and movement, politics, business, psychology, and marketing. If you choose, you also have the opportunity to engage in a cultural immersion experience through travel to Asia during a short-term study-abroad course or during a summer, semester, or academic year of study in Asia. 

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Career Options
By developing an understanding of Asia you acquire skills that are increasingly important to employers. Asian Studies minors practice the adaptability and versatility necessary to flourish in the 21st-century world. The program does this by focusing on students' abilities to connect, relate, research, and communicate between cultures, across disciplines, and with communities at the local and international level. Career options for Asian Studies supports are as diverse as the peoples and cultures of Asia, but students in business, education, the humanities, the social sciences, and nursing find courses that directly relate to their careers in marketing, teaching, governmental service, and health care.

For more information contact: Dan Leister, Program Director, CO 302, 382-6364