Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Nursing Students

Our Mission

The mission of the JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing & Health Professions at Alverno College is to prepare proficient, devoted professionals who are grounded in science to promote the well-being of diverse populations in global communities. Our essential focus is to design student learning opportunities to guide the education of unique individuals, highlighting personal and professional development of practitioners who are prepared for leadership and life-long learning.

Our Vision

The vision of the JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing & Health Professions is to develop professionals with global influence through innovative education.

Our Philosophy of Nursing Education

The Alverno College JoAnn McGrath School of Nursing & Health Professions believes the focus of our work is the learner’s personal and professional development. We prepare a nursing professional who is compassionate, ethical, proactive, proficient, and dedicated to lifelong learning in our diverse and ever-changing global communities.

An ability-based curriculum underlies the art and science of nursing education. Founded on the liberal arts, the curriculum integrates human connection, science, and technology to promote health and intervene holistically to human responses. Through innovative learning experiences, we assist the learner to cultivate, apply, and transfer comprehensive knowledge, skills and abilities that lead to reflective nursing practice.
Alverno faculty and staff believe education goes beyond knowing to being able to do what one knows. Sensitive to unique learning needs, nursing faculty commit to performance-based, multidisciplinary educational practice including public criteria, feedback, and self-assessment. Developmental and varied experiences contribute to learning and increasing professional competence.

The teaching/learning process is a collaborative partnership among learners, educators, health care systems, and the broader community. Educators and learners are mutually responsible to take ownership of, and actively engage in, learning experiences. Curricula continually evolve to incorporate current theory, research, science, standards, and evidence–based practices. As accomplished educators, learners, researchers, practitioners, and socialized professionals, Alverno faculty serve as role models of lifelong learning. Our goal is to promote a process of teaching and learning that provides guidance to students in the development of career goals and advancement of nursing practice.