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Clinical Simulation Center (CSC)

The Clinical Simulation Center (CSC), which is across from the Clinical Learning Center within the Center for Clinical Education (CCE), is designed with four high fidelity simulation rooms to mimic unique hospital settings. These unique hospital settings include two medical/surgical rooms, one birthing suite/pediatric room, and one trauma/ICU room. The center has two high fidelity adult simulators, one high fidelity adult simulator with advanced capabilities, one high fidelity birthing simulator, one high fidelity Newborn simulator, and one high fidelity Pediatric simulator. Each room is equipped with portable electronic health record units for electronic documentation of patient medical records. A portable Med­Dispense system is available in each room that stores simulated medications for administration during simulations involving barcoded medication delivery.

Each simulation room within the Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) has an adjoining pre­briefing/ debriefing room for students to view live or recorded simulation audio/visual data as part of performance, debriefing, and/or assessment purposes. Each room is equipped with computer, whiteboard, and display monitor for students to use a variety of recorded or live media to enhance their experiential learning experience.

High fidelity simulated experiences are intended to enhance student learning, simulate clinical situations, and prepare them for direct patient care. 

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