About Our Program

About Our Program


  • 18-month program at one of the most respected nursing programs in the State of Wisconsin
  • A blend of online and in-classroom learning
  • 36 credits are earned through nine 8-week course blocks
  • $800 per credit

Looking to move from RN to BSN?

Alverno College has a program to fit your schedule.

With a pulse on the needs of the local nursing community, Alverno College is pleased to offer its RN to BSN Program. This 18-month program integrates the best of online learning with critical, in-classroom instruction to bring you – a practicing RN – a truly unique hybrid program that makes earning your BSN manageable and more realistic than ever before.

Plus, you’ll earn it from one of the most reputable nursing programs in the state.

As a respected professional in the nursing field, you understand the changing demands of the health care industry. Among those changes is the importance of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Not only is it increasingly important to your employer, but it may also be closely connected to your continued career advancement.

While we understand more employers are demanding a BSN – the Future of Nursing Report published by the Institute of Medicine set a bold goal of 80% of BSN-degreed nurses by the year 2020 – we also understand that your life is busy. Undoubtedly, you balance work and family and want an educational option that advances your career without compromising your life at home or on the job.

That’s why the RN to BSN Program is perfect for you!

Contact our Admissions Office at (414) 382-6100 for more information, or attend an Alverno Advantage Information Session.

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RN to BSN Curriculum includes the following:

  • Finding Meaning in Professional Practice
  • Professional Leadership Policy, Practice & Systems
  • Arts, Culture and Ethics
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Nursing Research: Evidence-based practice and quality improvement
  • Sustainability and Technology in the Changing World
  • Nursing Process with Individuals, Families & Communities
  • Informed Decision-Making in Complex Societies
  • Nursing Theory and Practice with Vulnerable Populations

What you need to know:

For starters, registered nurses with an ADN, Associate Degree in Nursing, will be awarded 70 credits for previous completed coursework. The remaining 36 credits are earned through nine 8-week course blocks.

By offering one new course every eight weeks, we allow you to focus on one course at a time - rather than juggle multiple courses every semester. In addition, courses consist of a blend of online learning and in-classroom, evening instruction, which gives you more flexibility and means you’ll be learning within a network of peers under the guidance of Alverno’s world-class nursing faculty.

Other Key Facts:

  • The 18-month program has three start dates – February, June and October – each year.
  • The cost for the program, $800 per credit, is competitively priced with other Milwaukee-area nursing institutions and is often reimbursed by employers.
  • The Alverno Nurse is locally viewed as a community treasure, meaning your degree represents an education from one of Wisconsin's most respected nursing programs.

Now that you have access to the right program, the only question that remains is this: are you ready to make the move from RN to BSN?

Contact our Admissions Office at (414) 382-6100 for more information, or attend an Alverno Advantage Information Session.

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