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Nursing Major

As a baccalaureate prepared nurse, you may need to be a care giver, patient advocate, care coordinator, teacher, counselor, technical expert, manager and nurse leader to serve a patient’s health, personal and spiritual needs. The career opportunities can take you to community clinics, schools, hospitals and even to foreign countries. What is the best preparation for you to be a nurse? How can you get the best experience to learn nursing? And what is the right nursing career for you?

Let’s start with getting the best preparation
As a nurse, you are often coaching and counseling people about their health. How would you do taking your own health care recommendations? In your first course, Health and Health Care Systems, you design a six-week self-care practice. You identify and make some decisions and changes you may need to make on your lifestyle, nutrition or spiritual life. This lets you see the challenges and experiences of what you will be asking patients to do. You also consider the role of nursing for improving individual, family and community health from neighborhoods to different countries. Does the U.S. have the best health care in the world? You and your team will do some research to compare the U.S. to several other countries. Then, to develop your communication abilities, you prepare and present a report to a others.

Getting the best experience
Your required clinical experiences are guaranteed. Alverno is affiliated with more than 60 clinical organizations and sites. You will have a clinical component in five of your eight semesters. In each semester of your junior and senior years, you have guaranteed clinical practice in areas of nursing that interest you, from hospitals to community-based clinics. Here you get to think and practice as a nurse. In your last semester, you become part of an intense 16-hour-a-week clinical practice working with a nursing professional.

Getting a world of experience
What is the relationship between culture and health care? What might you learn from other cultures and health care practices? See what you can learn about nursing in maybe Hong Kong, Japan or Jamaica. You could spend two weeks to a semester in another country. And there are some excellent scholarships to help provide for travel and housing.