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Career Opportunities

Finding the right nursing career

Nursing is an extremely rewarding career. Today’s nurses help patients manage health, illness and disease, as well as teach, counsel and conduct health research. More than half of the nurses practicing in Wisconsin work in settings beyond the hospital, so opportunities abound in ambulatory care, nursing homes and extended care, public health and academic education.

Many nursing job openings exist now. Employers and staffing agencies posted more than 121,000 new job ads for Registered Nurses in May 2011, up 46% from May 2010. (Source: WANTED Analytics) 

And the demand for nurses will increase 19.4% by 2018 (Source: Wisconsin Worknet) —making nursing one of the fastest growing occupations in the state as more seasoned nurses retire and the need for healthcare services increases with the aging Baby Boomers. In Wisconsin, nursing is 6th in terms of occupation with the largest number of projected openings during the 2008-2018 period. Health care remains the single largest industry in Wisconsin and other states.