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Welcoming you to Alverno

In an effort to support our friends at Cardinal Stritch University we would like to extend assistance and provide insight to the opportunities and programs offered at Alverno College to assist you in achieving your educational goals!

What we promise to offer:

  • First and foremost, our Franciscan values closely align with those of Cardinal Stritch.
  • All Cardinal Stritch credits will transfer to Alverno College. Some graduate, nursing and education programs will require transcript review for program credit award.
  • Our educational programs align with Stritch's, with an emphasis on nursing, business, education, leadership and liberal arts.
  • A welcoming atmosphere from our students due to Alverno’s diversity and inclusivity.
  • Individualized attention, support and a variety of resources to ensure success in pursuit of your degree.
  • A leader in higher education innovations, nationally recognized and awarded for our assessment and outcomes-based learning focused on our 8-Abilities.
  • A strong tradition as an undergraduate college for women, Alverno also provides educational options for both women and men in our adult learning and graduate programs.
  • Generous acceptance of academic credits earned in order to keep you on track to your planned graduation.
  • Financial aid awards and tuition plans that match or reasonably reflect your current financial plans.
  • All genders are welcome to apply to both undergraduate and graduate programs. Men can be admitted into Alverno's undergraduate School of Adult Learning and New Initiatives Programs in education, nursing and leadership.

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Are you ready to be a leader
to challenge the world?

Alverno College educates and empowers learners to be agents of change by challenging the status quo through principled leadership, professional distinction and meaningful engagement with the world.

Meet Kelly: Stritch's first transfer to Alverno

Meet Britnee: A freshman transfer to Alverno

Alverno College is working closely with our accreditors and licensing agents to ensure that specialized programs with external licensing and accrediting are meeting the appropriate benchmarks for teach out and transfer.

Alverno College invites all Cardinal Stritch University students to transition to Alverno as a direct program teach out, program transfer or to transfer to new programs.

Students need to fill out the simple online admission form (all Cardinal Stritch students will be admitted to appropriate programs), provide an unofficial transcript, and indicate the program you are looking to enroll in.

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Cardinal Stritch Programs
Find those included in transfer or teach out agreements

We know you have loved your Cardinal Stritch experience in the classroom and we'd like to share here how you can continue your education at Alverno.


These Cardinal Stritch programs have been included in transfer or teach out agreements. Students who might not find their program listed below, would like additional flexibility or to change majors are encouraged to apply to Alverno’s Integrated Studies major for face to face instruction or Alverno Accelerate our fully online asynchronous program. Male students are encouraged to apply and can find pathways to graduation in our paraprofessional to teacher licensure program, our 2+2 nursing program, and our Accelerate BA in Leadership program.

Arts & Sciences
Arts Education
Creative Writing
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
English Language Arts
All Humanities Majors
Spanish Interpretation and Translation
Spanish Language and Cultures
Theater (transfer into Creative Arts & Practice)
Visual Arts Major and Minor

Business Administration Major and Minor
Business Communication

All Communication Majors and Specializations

Behavioral/Human Sciences
General Psychology/Psychology
Human Social Services
Psychology (Applied)
Bilingual Counseling minor
Social Work

Education (DPI license included)
Education Studies
English - Middle Childhood-early Adolescence
English as a Second Language
Broad Field Science
Environmental Science
Broadfield Social Science
Social Studies
Political Science
Regular Education
Cross Categorical Special Education
K-9 Elementary Middle
English/Language Arts

Integrated Studies


Natural Science, Math, Technology
Biochemistry (minor)
Data Science
Human Biology

Pre-Professional Programs

Nursing and Health Programs
BSN programs
Public Health

Social Sciences
Community Organization
Political Science
Social Justice
Social Studies

The following graduate programs will be taught out by Alverno College. Some graduate, nursing and education programs will require transcript review for program credit award.

MA Management and Leadership
Master’s of Clinical Psychology
Master’s of Psychology

The following graduate programs will be taught using a generous admission and transfer policy. Students will be provided with options to support them complete on their planned graduation date and opportunities to be endorsed by Alverno based on a full transfer of credits in your programs.

Graduate Education Licensure
Director of Instruction
Reading Specialist
Director of Special Education/Pupil services

All licenses offered at the undergraduate level including:
English - Middle Childhood-early Adolescence
English as a Second Language
Broad Field Science
Environmental Science
Broadfield Social Science
Social Studies
Political Science
Regular Education
Cross Categorical Special Education
K-9 Elementary Middle
English/Language Arts

Alverno offers:
Doctor of Education
Doctor of Nursing Practice

Some graduate, nursing and education programs will require transcript review for program credit award.

Students in good standing that are enrolled in any of Cardinal Stritchs PhD programs in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service, Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service in Higher Education, and Language and Literacy will be automatically admitted to Alverno’s Doctor of Education program.

Alverno is actively working with Cardinal Stritch’s IRB to establish transfer of IRB proposals in alignment with the OHRP. In addition, we will work with candidates to determine the best way to continue to engage committees they have already established. Students who have not completed their specialized courses will be able to choose from the K-12, higher education or where appropriate ABD pathways.

The following programs are open to individuals of all gender identities.

  • Alverno Accelerate is a fully-online Bachelor of Arts program that accepts previously earned credits and offers credit for prior learning.
  • Nursing 2+2 provides students who have completed pre-nursing courses an opportunity to earn a BSN at Alverno in two years.
  • Paraprofessional to Teacher is a streamlined path to licensure and BSE for practicing paraprofessionals.
  • RN to BSN is a path for practicing RNs to earn a BSN through our fully online 12-month program. 

Support When You Need It      
Campus resources

We offer students several paths and connections across campus to assist with child care, academic advising, physical health, and wellness and mental health needs.

  • On-campus child care is available through our Early Learning Center and financial assistance has been established for undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate exceptional financial need.
  • Academic advisors collaborate with and support students as they work toward their academic, personal and professional goals. Advisors are committed to being accessible, providing accurate information, being sensitive to student differences and maintaining a respectful and caring environment.
  • Our on-site Fitness Center provides students the resources they need to get in a workout.
  • Counseling Services promotes the mental health and well-being of students. We are committed to addressing students’ mental health concerns through direct service to individuals and groups, program planning, and policy development. Counseling is free and confidential for all Alverno students.

Unique Opportunities
Engage with your community

We offer students several distinctive opportunities to flourish.

  • Our Career Studio team assists students with career exploration, professional development, and internship experiences. A unique boutique provides professional wear for students for free.
  • The Thea Bowman Institute for Excellence and Leadership is a cohort-model, full-tuition scholarship program for Black undergraduates who have a strong desire to serve as leaders.
  • The Alverno Greenhouse is a state-of-the-art aquaponics facility that sustainably grows plants, vegetables and perch offering students an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, participate in research projects, and explore new career paths in food, urban agriculture, water research, conservation and human services industries.
  • At the start of each school year, we put our Franciscan values of service to action through our Community Day, when students, faculty, and staff join together to volunteer at multiple organizations.

Enhance your Alverno experience

We offer a diverse, welcoming community of students and faculty, plus opportunities to learn, lead, explore and give back, and have fun. Read more on some of the ways students get involved outside of the classroom..

  • Become a part of the Alverno Inferno! Athletics offers eight NCAA Division III sports including basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track & field, and volleyball.
  • Student Activities and Leadership features 30+ student organizations and numerous leadership opportunities. It’s easy for students to find their fit and enhance their resume.
  • Campus Ministry provides inclusive programming for students from a wide range of faith traditions as well as volunteer opportunities in Milwaukee and beyond.

Our location 
Enjoy a close tie to the city

Alverno’s 46-acre campus is located in a safe, residential area in Milwaukee’s Jackson Park neighborhood, and includes walking paths, picnic tables and places for socializing, studying and reflection. We are just 15 minutes from downtown Milwaukee, home to the lakefront, many trendy restaurants, galleries and festivals.


Explore a range of majors and minors with nearly limitless opportunities to launch your career.


Grow as a leader and advance in your profession with one of our graduate programs for women and men.


Elevate your career with adult degree-completion programs and licensure/certificate programs.

The 8 Abilities     
Our foundation of learning

For nearly 50 years, Alverno’s ability-based curriculum has been described as innovative and revolutionary. We believe the real benefit of knowledge is knowing how to apply it, which is why we integrate eight core abilities into our curriculum. The 8 Abilities are:  Communication, Analysis, Problem Solving, Valuing in Decision Making, Social Interaction, Developing a Global Perspective, Effective Citizenship, and Aesthetic Engagement.

The 8 Abilities are the foundation of the Alverno experience, and students practice these essential skills throughout their educational journey, working toward mastery. Ultimately, the 8 Abilities are what give our students and alums the power to stand apart from the crowd and to succeed both personally and professionally. 

Residence Life      
Build your home away from home

Our two residence halls on campus, Austin Hall and Clare Hall, are nestled on 46-acres of lush green space with running and walking paths, picnic tables and places for socializing, studying and reflection. Both residence halls offer the convenience of living close to classrooms, academic resources, campus clubs and organizations, performances and friends.

As an on-campus resident, you will enjoy meal service, free parking, a fitness center, a full calendar of activities, as well as easy access to downtown Milwaukee.

CLARE HALL: Alverno College houses upper-level and nontraditional-aged students who are looking for a more independent living environment. Sophomores, juniors, seniors and students over the age of 19 are eligible to live in Clare Hall. Learn more.

AUSTIN HALL: All first-year residents are housed in Austin Hall in double rooms. If a first year student does not want a roommate, they can buy out the other half of their double room. Learn more.



We are here to help!

For questions regarding academics, contact Jodi Eastberg, acting Vice President of Academic Affairs, at jodi.eastberg@alverno.edu414-382-6231.

For questions regarding students, contact Kate Lundeen, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, at, 414-382-6103.

For questions regarding international students and athletics, contact Heidi Anderson-Isaacson, Vice President for Student Development and Success, at, 414-382-6116.

For questions regarding adult learning, contact Meghan Walsh, Dean, School of Adult Learning and New Initiatives, at, 414-382-6089.