Advance Your Skills

Adult learning and degree completion

Today’s job market is changing, and fast. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Now is the time to expand your professional skills via Alverno’s Advance Your Skills Pathways program. Our online program — a partnership between higher education and industry experts — provides dynamic, virtual learning so you can upskill and earn a professional certificate and/or digital badges

Open to women and men, the next session begins in September 2023.

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Now, more than ever, it is critical for professionals to reskill or upskill to successfully position themselves for opportunity in a highly competitive labor market.  Organizations are being challenged to rethink their hiring and training practices and are seeking professionals with specific relevant knowledge and skills to meet their ever-changing needs.       

To meet these needs now and for the future, the Advance Your Skills Pathways program provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to acquire technical knowledge and invaluable interpersonal skills. Our flexible learning pathways provide instruction in skills that are relevant in today’s job market and are in high demand by employers.


Workforce Development

Talented working professionals may lack the specific skills and knowledge that your organization requires. Our program will quickly get these professionals prepared, setting them up for present success and future growth within your organization.


Workforce Retention

Organizations recognize the need to retain hard-working, talented employees, especially in a competitive job market. Our program will build on employees’ existing knowledge and skills, opening up new paths to advance within your organization and allowing them to contribute more effectively to strategic priorities.


Advancing Working Professionals

With or without a college degree, professionals need a path to obtain in-demand specialized learning as well as critical interpersonal skills. Acquiring such learning advances their opportunity for growth and meaningful contribution to your organization.

“During my studies, I was promoted twice. From board management to strategic planning to fund development, I have leveled up my skills as I enter into new opportunities. I feel better positioned to grow in my career as a nonprofit leader as a result of this program.”

- Bridget Robinson, Executive Director, Safe and Sound

Our next session, offered online, starts September 2023.
Learn more about specific pathways and digital badge offerings:

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