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Online Business Degree for Adult Learners

Earn your bachelor’s degree from Alverno’s all-online business program.

Advance your career and grow as a leader with an online business degree from Alverno. Our flexible online program allows you to earn your bachelor’s degree without putting your life on hold.

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Online business degree program details

Our program:

  • Is open to women and men
  • Is 100% online
  • Consists of three course terms per standard semester 
  • Each course term is seven weeks long, and you typically will take two courses per term.
  • Upcoming course start dates: May 5, Aug. 11, Sept. 29 and Nov. 17

We know it’s important to you to complete your degree quickly and efficiently. That’s why when it comes to transferring credits, we’re committed to working with you to ensure you’re able to transfer as many of your existing credits as possible.

Why choose Alverno’s online business degree? 

At Alverno, we believe in learning by doing. That’s why you’ll learn how to immediately apply what you’re learning to the real world, developing the skills that today’s employers demand.

Invest in yourself with an Alverno business degree

We’re committed to providing an exceptional education at a cost worth the investment. Contact our Financial Aid team to discuss your options and find the best path for you to finance your degree. Call 414- 382-6262, toll free at 800-933-3401 or visit our Alverno College Financial Aid Office.

Course Listing:

Business Classes
  • Introduction to Business  BUSI 100
  • Business Math  BUSI 105
  • Financial Accounting  BUSI 201
  • Managerial Accounting  BUSI 202
  • Information Technology  BUSI 217
  • Macroeconomics  BUSI 210
  • Microeconomics  BUSI 211
  • Business Communication  BUSI 217
  • Managing in Organizations BUSI 221
  • Quantitative Business Models  BUSI 250
  • Marketing Principles  BUSI 300
  • Managerial Finance BUSI 310
  • Operations & Logistics  BUSI 314
  • Human Resources Management  BUSI 370
  • Business Law  BUSI 380
  • Small Business  BUSI 400
  • Business Policy & Strategy  BUSI 410
  • Project Management  BUSI 412
  • Capstone I  BUSI 450
  • Capstone II   BUSI 451
General Education & Electives

Communication & Quantitative Literacy

  • Learning & Education in the Digital Age  OGEB 150
  • Communication in Context  OCM 135
  • Emerging Technologies  OCMS 230
  • Professional Presentations  OCM 235
  • Quantitative Literacy and Social Issues OQL 130
  • Advanced Research & Communication OCM 450

Liberal Arts & Humanities

  • Integrated Arts
  • Responsibility In the Modern World  OLA 300
  • The Art & Science of Data  OLA 305
  • Finding Meaning in Professional Practice  OLA 310
  • Sustainability and Technology in the Changing World  OLA 330
  • Decision-Making in Complex Societies OLA 340
  • Multicultural Societies  OGEH 350
  • Innovation, Creativity, & Design  
  • Local & National Environment: (Partner course to Business Capstone I)  OLA 400 
  • Global Environment (Partner course to Business Capstone II)  OLA 410


  • Leaders Models  OLDR 150
  • Leading Effective Teams  OLDR 250
  • Leadership in Context I  OLDR 300
  • Leadership in Context II  OLDR 400

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