Responses to Your Suggestions

Thank you for the comments and suggestions you've submitted to the Technology Services online suggestion box. Here are our latest suggestions and responses.


Anita Eikens
Executive Director of Technology Services




The internet- through the Ethernet and through the wifi on the fourth floor of Austen Hall does not work consistently. Many of us have to constantly troubleshoot and restart our computers before it will work.

Thank you for your recent Suggestion Box submission.  We are investigating the problems resident students are having with network connections in their 4th floor Austin Hall rooms.  We believe these problems may be due to some students installing wireless routers in their rooms that are broadcasting network addresses and interfering with legitimate connections via Alverno’s network.  While we are working on ways to locate and remove these devices, we have decided to postpone the disconnection of residence hall network jacks for those who have not submitted their Residence Hall Network Connection Request forms until 1 p.m. next Tuesday, September 16.

We believe that all resident students should have access to a reliable Internet connection and are working hard to make sure that happens.

Josie Weishaar
Lab Manager

Is it true there will be a new lab in CH? is it also true that the lab (or labs) will become 24 hour labs? If so how will this affect current policies? Also, does this open the door for semi-professional positions?

We do hope to open a small open access lab (20-24 computers) in Christopher Hall in Fall 2015.   The open hours for this lab have not been determined yet, and we are planning on staffing it with Computer Center lab assistants.  

We know there has been interest in having a 24-hour lab in addition to the ones available for the resident students in Clare and Austin Halls.    However, at this point, we don't have the Tech Services and Safety & Security resources available to be able to provide this service. 

Anita Eikens
Executive Director of Information Technology

Better phone directions for when people want email on their phone

The link we currently provide to instructions for students wishing to access their Student Email from their smartphone or tablet takes students to Microsoft's website.  Microsoft is currently hosting our student email through their Office 365 service.  If you are unable to successfully setup your student email on your phone, please stop by the Computer Center and ask for assistance.

Josie Weishaar
Lab Manager

Too many people talk on their phones in the side rooms, especially during the lunch hour.  There was like 3 girls who went on their phones, watched videos and laughed for about 10 minutes.  Where are the lab assisstants?

As you are probably aware, the Computer Center's policy is no cell calls in the lab.  We do have signs posted in the lab but sometimes students disregard the signs.  When we see students talking on their cell phone or alerted by another student that someone is speaking on their cell phone, we will ask the cell phone user to take the call in the hall. 

Because the labs are busy during the lunch hour, the lab assistants may not be able to monitor the entire lab.  If students are talking on their cell phones or getting loud, we encourage you to use your best social interaction and problem solving skills and ask the person or group if they could work more quietly and remind them that cell phone calls in the lab are not allowed.  If you're uncomfortable doing this, please wait until the lab assistants return to the desk and they will address the situation.

Josie Weishaar
Lab Manager