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Anita Eikens
Executive Director of Technology Services



It would be helpful if the Wi-Fi in Clare Hall was better/stronger. I live in Clare Hall and I am constantly being kicked off the Wi-Fi. It's hard to get homework done when I have to keep signing into the network.

Each year Technology Services is challenged to meet the growing demand for more wireless network coverage.  More bandwidth and more coverage is needed to support the growing number of apps and devices that students, faculty and staff may use.  Please be aware that every year we discuss ways to improve Alverno’s wireless network.  We analyze our network performance and do our best to add as much coverage as possible where it is most needed as time and funding permits.

Feedback from students, faculty and staff is very useful in evaluating where there is the greatest need.  Technology Services values your sincere feedback and suggestions.  We are aware that the wireless network in Clare Hall may not reach everywhere, especially at the far ends of each residence hall floor.  We will do our best to improve the coverage, but currently areas that have no coverage at all are taking precedence over expanding the Clare Hall network.

The Clare Hall wireless network is about five years old.  We are taking steps to upgrade the existing wireless access points to newer models with better performance and added functionality.  They might improve coverage area, but this is not guaranteed given the building construction and other devices that may be interfering with the wireless network.  Our current plan is the upgrade the access points between fall and spring semester.  Please let us know if this has any impact on your wireless coverage experience.

 To improve your connectivity, you may want to:

  • move to a location with a better wireless signal.   (We know your room is most convenient, but try another location if you can.)
  • use your wired connection.  (Each room has a wired network jack.  Please have it activated and use it if you can.  The wired connection is faster!) Instructions are available at
  • minimize use of devices that might interfere with the wireless network.  (You and others around you may use devices that interfere with the wireless network.  Please minimize use of microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, personal wireless routers, wireless game controllers, and other RF devices.)

 Thank you for contacting us,

Technology Services

Too many people talk on their phones in the side rooms, especially during the lunch hour.  There was like 3 girls who went on their phones, watched videos and laughed for about 10 minutes.  Where are the lab assisstants?

As you are probably aware, the Computer Center's policy is no cell calls in the lab.  We do have signs posted in the lab but sometimes students disregard the signs.  When we see students talking on their cell phone or alerted by another student that someone is speaking on their cell phone, we will ask the cell phone user to take the call in the hall. 

Because the labs are busy during the lunch hour, the lab assistants may not be able to monitor the entire lab.  If students are talking on their cell phones or getting loud, we encourage you to use your best social interaction and problem solving skills and ask the person or group if they could work more quietly and remind them that cell phone calls in the lab are not allowed.  If you're uncomfortable doing this, please wait until the lab assistants return to the desk and they will address the situation.

Josie Weishaar
Lab Manager