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Technology Services Suggestion Box

Thank you for the comments and suggestions you've submitted to the Technology Services online suggestion box. Here are our latest suggestions and responses.

 Anita Eikens
Executive Director of Technology Services




In the new WiFi set-up, I had to remove and re-register my devices once I had to change my network password because my devices wouldn't connect otherwise. Letting students know about this ahead of time will certainly save some headaches.  

I checked with our wireless network administrator, and you should not have to delete and re-register your device when you change your password.  You  might have to change your password in your device’s wireless network configuration, but that would be all.  If you need any help doing that the next time you change your password, please let us know and we'll give you a hand.

Anita Eikens
Executive Directior
Technology Services

Is it possible for us to remain connected to wifi throughout the campus without having to enter the password when we move to another area?  

Thank you for your suggestion!  In fact, Tech Services has heard this from a number of people, and we are happy to report that we received budget funding to implement a new system this year.  We hope to go live in October with this new system, which will enable you to register your personal devices so that you only need to log in to the campus wireless a couple of times a year.  Please watch next week’s Etc. for details.

Cathy Herrmann
Assistant Director for Network Infrastructure Services

It would be really great if we could upload files from our One Drive to Moodle. When saving any document we are given the choice to save to one drive but then when uploading anything to moodle it is not an option. I then have to save it to a separate file either on usb or school drive to upload. It may seem like not a big deal but it is frustrating and inconvenient; mainly because it is an option to save things to.  Thank you very much for your time :-)  

Unfortunately, the ability to upload OneDrive files directly to a Moodle assignment is not a feature that is currently available to Alverno's Moodle site. We are continuing to pursue this issue with our Moodle host company in hopes that we can offer this feature to students in the future. In the meantime, one of the most efficient ways of uploading a OneDrive file to Moodle is to save the OneDrive file to your computer's desktop and then upload the file to Moodle. If you are working on a lab machine, any files you saved to the desktop will be deleted when you log off the computer.

Kathy Pinkowsky
Instructional Technologist