Residence Hall

Antivirus Software Requirement

Austin Hall and Clare Hall residents who connect their personal computers to the Alverno college network are required to install Sophos antivirus software on their computers. You will not need to uninstall any anti-virus software you currently have on your computer. The Sophos installer will remove the software. Students with Windows operating systems are also required to install all Microsoft critical updates as they become available.


Alverno is making Sophos Endpoint Security and Control available to resident students at no charge. You may use the software as long as you are an Alverno College student, but must uninstall it whenever your status as a student ends.


The software will run on both Windows and Macintosh. One of the advantages of Sophos is automatic virus definition updates. Updates are pushed out automatically to all computers on the network. The user does not need to run live update.


All residents are required to install this software. If you do not install the anti-virus software or contact the Technology Services helpdesk at Ext. 6700 for assistance, you will not be able to connect to the Alverno network until the Sophos software is installed.


Once you have completed your Resident Network Connection Form, you will receive instructions on how to download and install the Sophos software.


If you have problems installing Sophos, contact the Technology Services helpdesk at Ext. 6700 for help. Provide your name, room number, phone number and information about the problem you are having. Include any error messages you received. A Technology Services staff member will contact you.

Network Connection Procedure

Alverno College residence hall students may connect their own computers in resident hall rooms directly to the campus network. To take advantage of this service, students need to do several things:


  1. Read the attached Computer Recommendations‌ as well as the "Addendum for Austin Hall and Clare Hall Resident Students" on the last page of the document and verify that the computer meets the requirements.
  2. Purchase and install an Ethernet network card in the computer. A patch cable is also needed.
  3. Install and configure network software following the directions in either "Directions for Installing Microsoft Network Client" or in "Connecting Mac OS X to Alverno Network".
  4. Complete a Campus Network Connection Request Form which is available at the Austin Hall Reception desk. (A new form must be completed each fall.) When you arrive, the network jacks in your room will be enabled.  You will need to complete and return the Campus Network Connection Request Form and proof of installation of Sophos antivirus software by noon on September 5, 2012 or the jacks in your room will be disconnected.