Computer Center Support for Students

What kind of help is available?
Student lab assistants along with professional staff are available to provide technical support during open hours in the Computer Center. Because there is a difference between technical support that a lab assistant can provide, and the content support that an instructor or a teaching assistant provides, we have developed this description of what you can expect from student lab assistants.


What can I expect from a lab assistant?

ANY SOFTWARE TITLE other than those listed above.  That she

  • can check for an available manual for your use to find answers to your questions or show you how to find on-line help
  • can exit the program (if you start a program accidentally)
  • can help you find contact information for your instructor to provide additional assistance

CAMPUS NETWORK ACCOUNT - That she can:         

  • can help you learn how to log on and off the network if you have your network user name and password
  • can help you determine your network user name

Lab assistants cannot log on for you if you do not have your own user name and password.  They can help you reset your password if you have password hints on file. If you forget your password, it will need to be changed.



  • can help you login and submit an assessment or key performance

EMAIL - That she

  • can help you learn how to read and send e-mails
  • can help attach a file to an email message


  • knows Technology Services procedures and policies for taking reservations
  • knows what equipment is available for delivery
  • can check room availability
  • is aware of equipment limitations
  • can set up and test computer deliveries
  • can set up and test special equipment such as a scanner
  • can check room availability

 HARDWARE - That she knows and can explain the types of equipment available.


Interactive Online (IOL) (Alverno’s information database) - That she

  • can help you login
  • can help you find your class schedule and educational loan agreement


  • can direct you to the Library Reference Desk for assistance (382-6062)

PRINTING - That she can:

  • can maintain printers
  • insert paper
  • fix paper jams
  • cancel print jobs on the network
  • change the default printer
  • change laser toner

All students receive 400 free pages of printing per semester. If you want to print more than 400 pages, you will need to purchase additional printing ($5.00 minimum) from a Lab assistant or professional staff. Black & white printing costs 10¢ per page. Color printing costs $1.00 per page.

If there is a dispute with print balances, Lab Assistants can print a copy of a student’s print history and help a student complete the form required to resolve disputes.


REMOVABLE MEDIA (CDs/DVDs and USB flash media) - That she can help you learn how to perform the following basic disk operations on a PC or Macintosh computer:

  • save to removable media
  • copy a file or directory
  • check for viruses

SOFTWARE - That she

  •  knows what software is available in the Computer Center and where it is located
  • can give basic directions when you are deciding which software package to use (that is, knows the capabilities of standard software applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases)
  • can show you where to find the help feature in software applications
  • can help you find files in the Courses folder


  • can help you save, print preview and print a worksheet in Microsoft Excel

WORD PROCESSING - That she is familiar with basic word processing skills in Microsoft Word such as:

  • can make basic corrections
  • can save a file
  • can retrieve a file
  • can use print preview features
  • can print
  • can set and change tabs and hanging indents
  • can format the document (e.g. set margins and line spacing)
  • can insert and delete page numbers
  • can create tables and make basic changes to tables
  • can save in text-only format

If you have any questions about the Computer Center or lab assistant services, please contact Josie Weishaar, Lab Manager, at 382-6419.