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Student Email Update: Thursday, 3/28/13, 2:00 pm

Microsoft’s migration of our student email from their live@edu to Office 365 service is taking longer than anticipated.  We kicked off this process Sunday evening just after 5 p.m. (when WEC classes had ended).  Monday, Microsoft’s engineers reported that they’d corrected a “provisioning issue” that was affecting multiple educational institutions (not just Alverno) and were continuing to process their backlog . In a later post, Microsoft stated that they expected all delays to be cleared by March 28, 2013 (today).  Yesterday, Tech Services staff began to notice that we could only find students who either had not had any email service interruption at all, or students whose email had stopped working Sunday night when the migration began and have never been able to access their mailboxes since.

We’ve been following up regularly with Microsoft support inquiring about our concerns and, this afternoon, Microsoft is reporting that they’ve recognized our problem is more than just a delay in processing as part of their larger backlog.  They now report that there has been a glitch in synchronizing/activating some of our students’ Office 365 email accounts.  Our issue has been escalated to the next level of support at Microsoft, and we continue to press all our Microsoft contacts for additional information and a speedy resolution to our issue.

We have been posting all updates to the following locations in an effort to communicate with faculty, staff, and students regarding this issue:

We will continue to post new information as soon as we receive it.  We apologize for this inconvenience; we certainly didn’t expect this migration would cause such a disruption for our students.  We remain confident that once Microsoft is able to rectify this problem, our students will enjoy the new and improved features offered by Office 365.

Thanks again for your understanding; we truly appreciate your patience.


Anita Eikens
Executive Director, Technology Services


Date Published: March 28 2013