Wireless Laptop Cart Policies

For security, instructors are required to pick up a key for the laptop cart immediately before their class and to return the key to the Computer Center after their class.


Delivery and set up procedure:

  • Technology Services staff will deliver the cart to the reserved room, connect the printer, and test a laptop for network connectivity.  The cart will be left locked.
  • The instructor must pick up the laptop cart key in the Computer Center, unlock the cart and set up the laptops.


Pickup procedure:

  • After the class, the instructor replaces the laptops, mice and power adapters (if used) in the cart.
  • The instructor must lock both doors on the cart.
  • The instructor brings the laptop cart key back to the Computer Center.
  • Technology Services staff will pick up the cart, return it to storage, and plug in all power cables so the cart is recharged and ready for the next delivery.