Wireless Laptop Carts

Technology Services currently has three wireless laptop carts available for delivery to classrooms. These carts enable any room with wireless access on campus to become a computer classroom connected to the campus network.‌  There are special policies for wireless laptop cart requests.

Open Laptop Cart‌Accessories

One black and white laser printer is available but must be ordered separately.  External mice are available on request.

Laptops DO NOT have an internal DVD/CD drive.  One USB DVD/CD external drive is available and must be ordered separately. Students may save to a USB flash drive or their OneDrive for Business account via student email.


The built-in battery in each laptop allows it to work for approximately five (5) hours without being plugged in.

If you are planning to use the laptops for more than five hours, you will want to request the AC adapters and some extra power strips so the laptops can be plugged in.

‌Network Connectivity‌

The wireless network adapter in each laptop allows it to connect to the campus wireless network without a physical cable. The network laser printer must be connected to a physical network jack in the room.

Students and instructors can map network drives to connect to their home folders (H: or N: drives).

Laptop cart policies

For security, instructors are required to pick up a key for the laptop cart immediately before their class and to return the key to the Computer Center after their class.

Delivery and set up procedure:

  • Technology Services staff will deliver the cart to the reserved room, connect the printer, and test a laptop for network connectivity. The cart will be left locked.
  • The instructor must pick up the laptop cart key in the Computer Center, unlock the cart and set up the laptops.


Pickup procedure:

  • After the class, the instructor replaces the laptops, mice and power adapters (if used) in the cart.
  • The instructor must lock both doors on the cart.
  • The instructor brings the laptop cart key back to the Computer Center.
  • Technology Services staff will pick up the cart, return it to storage, and plug in all power cables so the cart is recharged and ready for the next delivery.