Equipment Types

All classrooms on campus are wired for network access. The following equpment can be requested for use in any class.



  • PC Computer Carts - Five carts with Windows laptops, LCD projectors and external stereo speakers are available for delivery on campus.
  • LCD Projectors- Two "floater" projectors are available for delivery. These projectors can be connected to Windows or Macintosh laptops owned by students, faculty, or guests.  NOTE: Technology Services strongly recommends that any personally-owned laptop be tested in advance with our projectors to ensure success on the delivery date.

  • Remote mice - There are several remote mice available for delivery. The mice are comprised of two parts - the remote and the receiver and can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. The receiver is plugged into a USB port on the computer. The remote is cordless allowing you to operate the mouse without pointing it at or being near the computer.

Laptop Carts:

  • Mini Mobile Cart -  Non-motorized cart with nine laptops. Includes external mice, AC power adapters and network cables.  The laptops can be used wirelessly or through a wired connection.

  • Wireless laptop carts (PC) - We have two motorized laptop carts available for when laptops are needed in a classroom or when computer classrooms are not available.  Wireless laptop cart #1 has 22 wireless Windows laptop computers. Wireless laptop cart #2 has 30 wireless Windows laptops. Each cart includes an on-board printer.  The printer must be connected to a network jack in order to print from the laptops.  External mice and AC power adapters are available.
  • iPad cart - 30 wireless-only iPads.  Printing to on-board printer is available.