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Other Computer Locations

In addition to the Computer Center, students have access to computer resources in a variety of other campus locations.

Christopher Hall (CH) 302 has been added as another open-access lab with 24 computers. Hours for this lab are different than the Computer Center hours.

The Library has computers available in the main reference room and in the LA 210 classroom.

The Media Hub Lab has Windows and Macintosh computers available for walk-in use during Media Hub open hours.

Computer classrooms contain computers for student use during class.

Residence hall computer labs are available both in the Austin and Clare Halls. These labs provide 24-hour computer access for Alverno's resident students only. In addition all residence hall rooms are wired for connection to the campus network.

A variety of other discipline-specific labs and departments also provide computers for student use during classes, labs and study sessions. These include the Assessment Center, the Career Lab, Disability Services, the Daniel M.  Soref Science & Mathematics Resource Center, Natural Science labs, and the Music Technology studio.