Multimedia Computer Lab

Media Hub Multimedia Computer Lab


Staff offers technical assistance with equipment and software programs:

Brief instructions have been created for using the Media Hub equipment with various software programs to  ensure a positive experience in our computer labs. Laminated handouts are available in the wire rack at the entrance of the Multimedia lab to assist students with questions and troubleshooting recommendations.

The multimedia computer lab has 17 (Windows Platform) computers,  eight iMac (Macintosh Platform) computers (all computers are connected to a DVD/VHS recording unit with a monitor), three video/audio editing suites, projector with SmartBoard, three analog (tape) to DVD converting stations, five scanners, and a black & white printer as well as a color printer. You can also edit, digitize, and upload video clips to the Digital Diagnostic Portfolio (DDP) from the Windows computers located here.

You may print to either the black and white or the color printer using your student accounts. Create color overhead transparencies for a small fee of a $1.00 per transparency. Printing from the black and white printer subtracts 1 page from your printing account. Printing a page from the color printer subtracts 10 pages from your student account.

Available software on both computer platforms (Windows & Macintash) includes:

  • Microsoft Office: Excel, Powerpoint, and Word 
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Acrobat X Pro, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
  • Inspiration, QuickTime, as well as many others (see below for other examples).

 Available software on iMac computers includes:

  • Apple iLife Suite: GarageBand, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, and iTunes
  • Toast, Final Cut Express, Live Type and many others.

Available software on Windows platform includes:

  •  Pinnacle Studio, Microsoft Publisher, Roxio Creator and many others

Staff Workshops Offered:

  • Demonstrations on equipment loaned out to students for course work.
  • Photography basics
  • CS 6 Photoshop basics
  • Acrobat Pro X-- creating an electronic portfolio
  • Video Editing and Titling-- iMovie, Final Cut Express, CS 6 Photoshop video editing and Live Type.

To schedule a class or workshop in the multimedia lab, contact the Media Hub.

Video Editing

Using one of the editing suites or iMac stations in the multimedia lab, students, faculty and staff can edit videos and produce a finished product in DVD, CD, VHS, flash, QuickTime, and windows file formats.

 1-hour block appointments can be made in person in the Media Hub, or over the phone through the Media Hub information desk at 382-6170. Please make sure to note if you need training in the appointment book, or alert the student assistant to your needs.

When coming to edit, make sure to bring all of your materials and be prepared with any text or music you would like to add. Having text written out, music pre-selected on a flash drive and knowing what portions of your video you would like to edit or remove will save you many headaches.