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AIFR - Alverno Inferno Free Radio

Alverno Inferno Free Radio


The Communication and Technology Department of Alverno College welcomes you to ALVERNO INFERNO FREE RADIO. The broadcast content is predominantly student developed with contributions from staff and faculty. The station operations are a student-managed venture under the direction of faculty. Rather than impose a genre, the station is a “free-form” online radio station. Freeform radio allows for those developing content—in this instance students, faculty, and staff—to do so based upon their diverse interests. Content will not be rejected because “it doesn’t fit the station format.” This results in an ever-changing, eclectic online broadcast, reflective of the diverse Alverno College community.

 The goals of the station are to:

  • Provide instruction in digital audio design and production;
  • Provide instruction in media management;
  • Provide a forum for Alverno College students, staff and faculty; and
  • Provide a democratic, community-based project for students to fully experience the fulfillment of collaboratively developing, producing and managing a medium.

Are you interested in:

  • Producing your own program?
  • AIFR covering an event?
  • Being an AIFR DJ?
  • Submitting information to be announced by AIFR DJs?

Email Jerry Dutscheck, AIFR Faculty Advisor:

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