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(For K-12 teachers who want to expand their expertise and/or move into new licensure areas)

Alternative Education: You will be prepared to work with students who have not been successful in the traditional school setting by emphasizing skills in developing integrated curriculum, using assessment to support learning and adapting curriculum for the needs of at-risk learners.

Reading Teacher/Reading Specialist: You will develop your teaching ability in these areas or you will be prepared to qualify as a reading teacher or reading specialist. All courses meet guidelines of the Wisconsin Department of Instruction and the International Reading Association.

Professional Development: You will develop your knowledge and skills to more effectively meet the needs of learners, choosing from a variety of electives offered in the MA program. Through the independent study option you may focus on as many as 18 semester hours of electives on a specific content area.

Administrative Leadership (Principal): Graduates of the program will be prepared to be leaders as principals. They will know their administrative strengths and will have a professional plan for their further development upon completion of the degree.

Instructional Leadership (Director of Instruction): The specialization leading to the Director of Instruction (10) license in Wisconsin prepares practicing teachers to take leadership roles in curriculum and instruction at the K-12 level, as learning coordinator, curriculum developer, staff development director, etc.

Cross-Categorical Special Education: Teachers have the option to obtain an initial special education license or add cross-categorical to their existing special education license.

        Choose from two age ranges:

        Middle Childhood /Early Adolescence (Grades 1-8)

        Early Adolescence/Adolescence (Grades 6-12)

         Choose from three concentrations:

        •  Cognitive Disabilities

        •  Specific Learning Disabilities

        •  Emotional Behavioral Disabilities

 Licensed teachers may also add a license in the following areas:

Early Childhood/Middle Childhood (Ages Birth-11)

Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence (Ages 6-13)

Early Adolescence/Adolescence (Ages 10-21)

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