Hall Leadership


Ways to Get Involved!

One of the many reasons to live on campus is to get to know more people around and to start to build some leadership skills. There are a variety of ways to get involved in the Residence Halls. Keep reading below to find out more!

Join the Residence Hall Advisory Group

Each year a group of students are elected in the Spring Semester to assist in maintaining a strong and vibrant community in the Residence Halls. These students hold Town Hall Meetings, review our Policies and Procedures, and help to make change within the Residential Community.

Become a Floor Leader

Each floor will have a group of students that assist in creating a strong, dynamic community.  They help their Community Advisor with programs, bulletin boards, and community building.  They are also asked to join in on a number of all campus volunteer opportunities.  This is a fantastic way to learn more about the other residents on your floor and get more involved on campus!

Apply for a Job in the Halls

We have 4 different student staff positions available in the Residence Halls. We usually hire students in the Spring Semester for the next academic year, but will post information on this page when we are getting ready to hire new staff! In order to take on one of the positions in the Residence Halls, you must live on campus for the duration of your employment.

Community Advisor (CA)

Our Community Advisor position is a significant commitment and a wonderful opportunity to develop strong leadership skills.  We hire 9 CAs every year, one staff member for each floor of Clare and each wing of Austin.  These staff members are responsible for creating and maintaining an exciting and welcoming community for all of their residents. They plan programs, meet with students one on one and serve as On Call Staff every night.

Rec Room Manager

Our Rec Room Manager position is a programmer for all of our resident students.  They put together several programs a week intended to provide a social outlet for students in the Halls.  These events range from movie night to crafting events to sand volleyball tournaments. 

Senior Lead Desk Worker 

Each year we hire a student to take on a management roll at the Front Desks of Austin and Clare Hall.  This student organizes the variety of processes completed at the desk, oversees scheduling, and trains the students that work at the desk through out the year.

Desk Worker

Each year we hire approximately 10 students to work at the Austin and Clare Front Desks.  These students serve as a resource for the resident students.  They can answer questions about things taking place on campus and in the community.  They are able to check items out to residents and help them get their packages and mail.