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Our Team

Amy and Rhonda readingExecutive Director
Jodi Eastberg, Ph.D.

Faculty Researchers
Jessica Brumm-Larson, Ph.D.
Sandra Graham, Ph.D.
Amanda Page-Hoongrajok, B.A.‌‌
Jennifer Kunz, Ph.D.
Justin LaManna, Ph.D.Nancy Athanasiou and Desiree Pointer Mace
Linda Olszewski, M.B.A.
Kim Skerven, M.S.W., Ph.D.

Faculty Research Review Committee
Jennifer Evertsen, Ph.D.
Sandra Graham, Ph.D.
Wendy Halm, Ph.D.
Desiree Pointer Mace, Ph.D.Terri and Amy working
Juile Ullman, Ph.D.
Chris Young, Ph.D.

Student Researchers
Allysa Bosse
Amy L. Kerznar
Kristin Nelson‌
Mary-Catherine NimphiusBullying Training in the Research Center

Curriculum Advisor
Children's Hospital's Act Now! Liaison

Nancy Athanasiou, Ed.D.

Special Projects Coordinator
Desiree Pointer Mace, Ph.D.

Women and Gender Studies Liaison
Nancy Bornstein, M.S.

Communications Consultant
Amy S. Westmoreland, M.Ed.




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