Alumnae and Alverno on the Weekend Certificate

As with all Alverno College programs, all tuition and fees for Certificate and Alumnae programs are due in full or a Deferred Payment Plan must be on file in the Business Office BEFORE classes begin. Students who reduce their credit load or withdraw from all classes will receive a refund according to the general schedule published for the college.

All Alverno on the Weekend Policies and Procedures apply to students enrolled in a Certificate Program, a Major or Support Equivalency Program, or the Alverno Alumnae Program.

When a course section(s) exceeds enrollment maximum, preference will be given to the Alverno College degree-seeking students.

Tuition and Fees

The undergraduate programs listed above and below are all available for 50% off Alverno on the Weekend tuition. The 50% off Weekend College tuition does not apply to second degree students. All Alumnae and Postgraduate programs pay the Campus Service Fee each semester.

Certificate Programs (Undergraduate Level Courses only)

Alverno College Certificate Programs are designed for bachelor prepared adults who wish to update their skills or provide entry into a new career.  The certificates are designed in three or four class units that pertain to a specific field.  (Please contact the Admissions Office for additional information.)  All classes are with degree-seeking Alverno on the Weekend students and run for a full semester.  Certificate students will attend class and fulfill homework and project assignments.

The Certificate Program students will earn college credit and will be able to obtain transcripts.  The classes are offered at 50% off the regular Alverno on the Weekend tuition on a space available basis.  Some portion of assessment may be required to determine an applicant's readiness for the certificate involved, and courses within a certificate should be taken in proper sequence.  Some prerequisites may apply.  The 50% off Alverno on the Weekend  tuition does not apply to second degree students.

Major or Support Equivalency Programs-WEC 

Major or support equivalency programs at the undergraduate level are available at 50% off regular weekend tuition price on a space available basis.  Contact the Admissions Office or the Registrar’s Office for details.  The 50% off Alverno on the Weekend tuition does not apply to second degree students.

Alverno College Alumnae Program 

All Alverno alumnae are eligible to register for undergraduate Alverno on the Weekend  classes on a space available basis.  These classes are available at 50% off the regular Alverno on the Weekend tuition price.  If an alumna is not enrolled in a certificate or equivalency program, she can register directly with the Registrar’s Office.  These classes will be added to the student’s official transcript record.  The 50% off Alverno on the Weekend tuition does not apply to second degree students.