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Registrar's Office

Registration for Spring 2018

You can register in IOL at any time for the spring 2018 term.

If you are planning to register for spring classes, please note that the Registrar’s Office and the faculty/department heads will be making some decisions about which courses are being offered on Monday, December 11. This may mean that some courses could be canceled due to low enrollment. In order to ensure that you get the courses you need, the Registrar’s Office encourages you to register before Monday, 12/11/17

If you are already registered for Spring 2018, you can check your schedule in IOL. Please also check IOL for hold/restriction information and follow up with the appropriate office(s), if necessary. 

As always, please contact the Registrar’s Office or the Advising Office if you have any questions or need assistance.


Access Interactive Online (IOL) at or use the IOL Quick Link on the Alverno website at

 Access Registration Information (electives, calendars, final assessment schedules, matrix, etc) at

Access this web page for information on calendars, electives, final assessment schedules, policies and procedures and much more about registration procedures.

Student Information: Review your student information from IOL. Under User Account click on the “Update Name and Address” link with any changes to your personal or family information.

Graduation Audit (not on IOL): For students expecting to graduate in the next year.  If a graduation audit was emailed to you from the Registrar’s Office, please review the information as you select your courses.


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