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2012-2013 Alverno College President's Report: The Abilities At Work‌‌

In addition to providing highlights of the previous fiscal year, “The Abilities at Work” celebrates 40 years of Alverno’s innovative abilities-based curriculum by sharing eight personal profiles, each one detailing how the 8 Abilities become central to an individual’s success. Regardless of major or professional discipline, mastering the 8 Abilities helps our undergraduate students prepare for the real world where solving problems quickly and communicating effectively aren’t just “nice to have,” they’re essential to succeed both professionally and personally. As a result, an Alverno graduate has the skills she needs to succeed not just at her first job, but through every step of her personal and professional life.

Please take a few minutes to “page through” the 2012-13 President’s Report. As you read and enjoy highlights from the past year, please remember how much we appreciate your efforts and assistance which enable us to carry out our mission and put us in perfect position for future success.

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