Alverno College Introduces New Flexible Degree Program

Alverno College is launching a new hybrid degree program that blends online and in-class learning, designed to be a more flexible option for working women. The program includes three majors and will launch in the fall of 2015. What sets this program apart is the focus on innovative leadership.

“The world needs more strong, educated female leaders,” said Jill Moore, academic director for adult programs. “That’s why we’re building an emphasis on leadership into these classes. Our students will graduate with the skills they need to be effective leaders in any career environment.”

The program offers three majors – business, liberal studies and communication. Classes will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings and will include significant online work. Two eight-week sessions will be offered each semester, and students can take up to two four-credit courses per eight week session for a total of 16 credits per semester. This means a full time student who takes classes in the summer can complete a four-year degree in just three years. “This program is really flexible, and it allows students to take as many or as few credits as they want,” said Laura Sear, administrative director of adult and academic excellence programs. “Even someone with multiple demands of their time can complete a degree.” Financial aid is available for students who take a minimum of eight credits each semester.

For more information on the new flexible education degree program, call the Alverno College admissions office at (414) 382-6100 or visit alverno.edu/adult.

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