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Nat Godley, Ph.D.
Middle East

Areas of expertise

  • Expert in all things relating to the Middle East, especially North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco)
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Ethnicity and race in a European context (especially in France and the UK)
  • European colonialism
  • National identity and citizenship
  • The history of immigration and minorities
  • Middle Eastern history
  • Modern France
  • Can offer British cultural context

Originally from the United Kingdom, Nat Godley is an assistant professor of History at Alverno College. While in Tunisia the summer of 2012, he did some research into the aftermath of the Jasmine Revolution, which touched off the Arab Spring movements in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere. He also researched the changing relationship between moderate and extremist Islamic groups.

In addition, Godley has given presentations on North African history in Morocco, Italy, France, Canada and in numerous U.S. venues. His interest in European minority and immigration affairs stems partly from several years living in areas of France with large minority populations of Algerian, Tunisian and Moroccan background. Godley is a founding member and executive council member of the Midwest World History Association, and he also serves on the multicultural council at Alverno College. He has given numerous presentations to school and community groups on Middle Eastern issues, including Islam and the West, the Arab Spring and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Godley speaks fluent French. He also speaks German and some Arabic.

For three years, he hosted “Global Taxi,” a weekly world music show on WIPZ UW- Parkside student radio. Godley earned his Bachelor of Arts in French and History from Keele University (United Kingdom), and his Master of Arts in History from the Université Charles de Gaulle in France. He earned his Ph.D. in History from the University of Iowa.