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Mary Diez
SSSF, Ph. D., Education
Areas of expertise

  • Education
  • High quality Teacher and Administrator Preparation
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Learning progressions based on the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards
  • Assessment as learning
  • Advocating for high educational outcomes for all students
  • Teacher education
  • Character education
  • Authentic assessment in K-12 settings

Mary Diez is a professor in the School of Education at Alverno College. A member of the faculty that pioneered Alverno’s ability-based curriculum and performance assessment program in the 1970′s, Diez has designed assessments related to communication and social interaction as well as teacher education. In recent years, she has worked extensively with K-12 schools and teacher education programs across the country in identifying learning goals and designing performance assessment processes.

Diez has done numerous interviews for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and appeared on MPTV’s “4th Street Forum.” In her writing, Diez has focused on standards and assessment in both teacher education and K-12 school reform. Her most recent book is Teaching as a Moral Practice: Defining, Developing, and Assessing Professional Dispositions in Teacher Education (2010). She edited Dispositions in Teacher Education (2007), and along with colleagues at Alverno, she edited Changing the Practice of Teacher Education: Standards and Assessment as a Lever for Change (AACTE: 1998), which reports on a number of institutions engaged in the process of reconceptualizing their teacher education programs. Diez also co-authored a series of four monographs on connecting standards and processes of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to graduate programs for teachers (1998, 1999, 2001, 2002).

Locally, Diez provides active support for K-12 schools. She is the co-chair of the Greater Milwaukee Catholic Education Consortium (GMCEC) and co-chair of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Deans of Education. She directs Alverno work with teams at schools focused on curriculum design, formative assessment, and differentiation to meet learner needs in classroom contexts. She directs the Leadership Academy for Character Education, a program for principals and teams from local schools who seek to build a culture and climate to support the development of learners personally, socially, academically, and ethically. She co-directs the MPS/Alverno Administrator Mentoring program, working with initial educator administrators and principals in their first semesters in the role. In all of these projects, she has sought to support the improvement of learning outcomes for area children by building the capacity of their teachers and principals.

A 1995 winner of the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education, Diez is the former President of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. She has served on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and on both the Board of Examiners and the Unit Accreditation Board of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. She chairs AACTE’s task force on Teacher Education as a Moral Community and, in 2011, co-chaired the national teacher standards revision committee for the Council of Chief State School Officers, and is currently chairing the group developing learning progressions to guide teacher growth toward these standards.