Moodle 101 for Faculty

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New in Moodle 2.6 (print)

What's new in Moodle 2.6 (videos)

*Moodle has new icons and a new way to edit elements in your class

*Moodle has a new text editor

*Moodle has improved the way you move elements in your class

*You can have specific co-instructors assess specific students, and you can mark various stages of the assessment process

*You can set a class to open to a single assignment. For example, when you enter the class, you go directly to a forum or assignment (only recommended for ongoing courses)


Link to Procedures


Add Someone to Your Class

Adding a colleague, TA or student to your class (video) 

Adding People to your Class in Moodle 2.6 (print)

Adding Words and Pictures to Moodle

See Labels


Advanced Forums 

Forums (Discussion Groups) in Moodle (video)

Creating Advanced Forums You Are Grading (Print)

Creating Advanced Forums You Are Not Grading (Print)

‌ (Print)


Announcements in Moodle  (video) 

Announcements in Moodle (print)

Assignments and Feedback

Creating Assignments in Moodle  (video)

Creating Assignments in Moodle (print)

Assignment Feedback (video)

Downloading Assignment Submissions (video)

Re-opening an Assignment for a Student (video)

Receiving Email When Student Submits Work to Assignment (print)

Selecting Specific Co-Instructors to Give Feedback to Students at Various Steps of the Assessment Process (video)


Attendance in Moodle (video)

Backing Up a Course

Backing Up a Moodle Course (video)‌

Backup a Moodle Course (print)

Cloning Part of Your Course in Moodle (print)

Restoring a Moodle Course (video)‌

Restoring Courses You Backed Up (print)


Creating Badges (video)

Uploading Badges to Moodle (video)

Awarding Badges in Moodle (video)


Blocks Overview (video)

Docking and Undocking Blocks (video)

Adding, Hiding, Moving, Configuring and Deleting blocks  (video)


Books in Moodle (video) 

Books in Moodle (print)


Chat Rooms in Moodle (video)

Cloning (Copying) Your Course

See Importing Material into a Course


Completion Tracking (Checklists)

Completion Tracking using Checklists (video)

Completion Tracking using Checklists ‌ (print)

Copying and Pasting in Moodle's Text Editor

Pasting Text from Microsoft Word (video)

Pasting from Word in Moodle 2.6 (print)


Click here to access Moodle's copyright resources

Crosslisted Classes Explained

x-listed Classes Explained 2.6 (print)

Customizing your Moodle Homepage

 Customizing your Moodle Homepage (print)

Download Student Work from Moodle

Download Student Work from Moodle (print)

Download Student Work from Moodle (video)

Duplicating/Copying Labels and Assignments

Using the Duplicating Tool to Copy Course Elements (video)

Duplicating Labels and Assignments in Moodle 2.6(Print)


Email in Moodle (video)

Evaluation Kit

 Adding Survey Questions to Evaluation Kit (print)

Faculty Quick Start Guide

Moodle Quickstart Guide for Faculty (Print)

Formats in Moodle

Single Activity Format (video)

Files and Folders

Adding, Renaming and Deleting files in Moodle 2.6 (video)

Creating or Uploading Folders (video)

Managing My Private Files (video)

Moving Files in Moodle (print)

Moving deleting renaming subfolders and their contents  (video)

Deleting a File in Moodle 2.6 (print)

Renaming a File in Moodle‌ (print)


See Advanced Forums.

Getting Started

‌ (Print)



Gradebook - Navigating URL (video)

Gradebook - Categories URL (video)

‌ (print)

Gradebook - Quick Grading URL (video)

Gradebook - Custom Scales (video)


Setting Up Groups in Moodle  (video)

Setting Up Group Assignments and Giving Group Feedback (Video)

Setting Up Advanced Forums for Groups (Video)

Restricting Labels, Topics, Files, and Folders by Group (Video) 

Help with Moodle

If you encounter a problem while using Moodle, submit a helpdesk ticket explaining the problem or call 414-382-6700.

Student workers in the computer lab (RC 109B) are also available to help you.

Getting Help in Moodle (video)

Hiding a Course 

Hiding a Course in Moodle (video)

Hybrid Course Design

Best Practices for Teaching Hybrid Classes

Curriculum Map Template

Course Expectations Template

Icons in Moodle

Icons in Moodle (video)

Importing Content into Moodle

Importing Content into your Moodle Course (print)

Importing Content into your Moodle Course (video)

Labels for adding Text and Pictures

Adding Text and Pictures using Labels (video)

Adding Text and Pictures in Moodle 2.6 (print)

Library Resources

Library Resources for Moodle (link)

Adding a Library Block to Your Moodle Class (video)

Library Resources for Nursing (link)

Linking to Websites

Adding Links to Websites (video)

Adding Links to Websites in Moodle 2.6 (print)

Linking to Videos

See Videos

Look and Feel of Your Class

Changing the Number of of Topics and Theme (video)

Increase or Decrease the Number of Topics in your Moodle Course (video)

Moving Elements in Moodle

 Moving Elements in Moodle (video)

Moving a File in Moodle 2.6 (print)

Moodle Home Page

Rearranging Classes on Moodle's Home Page  (video)

Rearranging the Front Page of Moodle (print)

Navigating in Moodle

Navigating/Getting Around in Moodle 2.3 - Video (video)

Online Course Design

Moodle Accessibility Part 1 - Designing for a Screen Reader (video)

Accessibility Part 2 (video)

‌ (print)

Orphaned Activities

Orphaned Activities Explained (video)


Pages in Moodle (video)


Updating Your Moodle Profile (video)

Updating Your Moodle Profile  (print)


 See email (video)


Quizzes - Part 1 Creating the Quiz (video)

Quizzes - Part 2 Multiple Choice Questions (video)

Quizzes - Part 3 True False Questions (video)

Quizzes - Part 4 Essay Questions (video)

Quizzes - 5 Deleting Student Quiz Attempts (video)

Manually Grading Essay Questions (print)


Video coming soon.

Student Resources

Student Quick Start Guide

Student View

See Viewing Your Moodle Class as a Student


Uploading Your Syllabus (video)

Uploading Your Syllabus (Print)

Templates for Moodle Accessibility/Usability

Contact Tech Services.

Text Editor 

Using Moodle's Text Editor (video) 


Moving and Hiding Topics (video) Coming soon

Ungraded Assignments

Finding Ungraded Assignments on Moodle's Home Page (Video)

Running an Ungraded Assignments Report in Your Moodle Class (Video)




Embedding Videos in Moodle (video)

Linking to Videos in Moodle  (video)

Adding Links to Moodle (print)

Viewing Your Moodle Class as a Student

View Your Class as a Student (video) 

Xlist Classes Explained

See Crosslisted Classes