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The Secret Sauce:

The people and organizations that are most successful these days are those who offer something extra - a unique value contribution that makes them stand out in their field. Think of it as a 'secret sauce. Every successful entity that you can think of has a unique blend of ingredients that, collectively, are the chief factors in its success. The question is, are there patterns to these recipes for success? Are there particular 'ingredients' that are more likely than others to create alchemy? And if so, what are the elements of a great secret sauce - in becoming the leader, and the organization, that stands out?

The Executive Panel

Please join us for an engaging conversation with the following distinguished executive panelists: (tentative)

Jeff Yabuki – President & CEO, Fiserv

Michelle Kumbier – SVP Motorcycle Operations, Harley-Davidson

Jill Morin – Author, Advisor, Activist at JJM Communications (former executive officer at Kahler Slater)

Amy Lindner – President and CEO, Meta House

Bob Klein – SVP, Corp & Legal Affairs – Direct Supply (former general counsel at GE medical Systems)

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Event Chair: Jim Henderson
Assistant Professor, School of Business


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