Master of Arts in Education

Your chance to be what you’ve always wanted to be.

a teacher in the classroom

You’ve laid many foundations through your teaching. Now it’s time to start building on them. It’s time to inspire others by your dedication to learning as well as teaching.

Open to women and men, our Master of Arts in Education program is an active process in which your destination is not a specific set of skills but rather a broader range of qualities that can develop into a lifetime of leadership. We help you build on your experiences. We show you how to link theory to practice.

Our MA gives you the tools of learning that you can apply to a variety of educational and business settings. Our program has earned our graduates preferred placement in schools and businesses throughout Milwaukee and across the country. Our program can be completed in 2 to 3 years and includes core courses and courses specific to your specialization.

Our personal, experiential way of teaching results in learning that is relevant. Our MA program goes beyond teaching educational theory – it also provides you with valuable experiences you can apply to your job.

Since your MA will be applied in a work environment specific to you, we offer the opportunity to specialize in a number of unique educational areas. We work with you to choose a specialization that advances and supports your professional and educational goals.

Acquiring Abilities

Your MA should not only apply to your job....but it should also apply to the rest of your life. At Alverno, you will be guided by five program outcomes, or abilities, that you will apply throughout your coursework.

By developing these five abilities, you will be able to inspire change and innovation in schools, businesses, and your community and society.

Be creative, innovative, intelligent, and versatile. Find your power through an Alverno MA. Apply today.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Kipp at (414) 382-6045, (800) 933-3401, or email her here.