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Staff Directory

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Name Title Phone Office
Larry Duerr Director 6173 FO 237B

Subject Area(s): Sociology, English, History, Fine Arts, Political Science, Social Interaction Ability, Library Orientations, Religious Studies

Cat Jones Assistant Director 6054 FO 237

Subject Area(s): Interactive Media Design (IMD), Communication Ability (CM), Education, Computer and Information Technology (CIT)

Sara Shutkin Archivist/Records Manager/Reference Librarian 6202 CO B8

Subject Area(s): Psychology, Global Studies, Professional Communication (PCM), Communication (COMM), Research Center for Women and Girls (RCWG), World Languages, Developing a Global Perspective Ability, Effective Citizenship Ability, Women's and Gender Studies (WGS), Social Work

Dolores Skowronek Reference Librarian 6184 FO 237

Subject Area(s): Nursing and Natural Sciences

Becky Alford User Experience and Instruction Librarian 6355 FO 237

Subject Area(s): Business, Philosophy

Kathy Bailey Interlibrary Loan/Circulation Supervisor 6397 FO 246
Debra Butz Archives/Resources Management Assistant 6175 CO B8/
FO 246
SWITCH Staff   FO 237A