Staff Directory


Kathy Bailey

Interlibrary Loan & Circulation Supervisor


FO 246

Debra Butz

Archives/Resource Management Assistant


CO B8/FO 246

Larry Duerr

Library Director

Subject Areas: Business, Communication Ability (CM), Education, English, Fine Arts, History, Interactive Media Design (IMD), Library Orientations, Political Science, Religious Studies, Social Interaction Ability, Sociology 


FO 237B

Sara Shutkin

Archivist/Records Manager & Reference Librarian

Subject Areas: Communication (COMM), Developing a Global Perspective Ability, Effective Citizenship Ability, Global Studies, Psychology, Research Center for Women and Girls (RCWG), Social Work, Women's and Gender Studies (WGS), World Languages



Dolores Skowronek

Reference Librarian

Subject Areas: Nursing and Natural Sciences


FO 237

Ben Teel

Systems/Electronic Resources Librarian


FO 237