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International Statistics

  • Global Statistics
    This site provides a large collection of statistics ranging from country profiles (including provinces and main cities) to world statistics on such things as population, gross domestic product, major airports, rivers and religions. Click on the "Charts" section to receive a listing of the largest, longest, highest, etc. in the world.

  • OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web
    This site offers an invaluable, centralized collection of links to free, official statistics resources. This is a very comprehensive, useful, and well maintained site. Maintained by the University of Auckland Library's OFFSTATS, the site arranges statistics sources alphabetically in three sections--by country, region, and subject.

  • UNdata
    This site gathers statistics from 24 separate databases from the United Nations and makes them all accessible through one search interface. When a data set is located, the user is presented with an option to preview the data. The data can then be customized using country or area and time period filters. Researchers can select which columns they would like to be displayed and decide how they would like the elements to be sorted. There is also an option to “link to this page,” so that a permanent URL will be created for the data.

  • UNICEF Statistics
    Select a country or region to retrieve information on population, mortality rate, immunization, water and sanitation, education, reproductive health, etc.

  • United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Gender Statistics Website
    Developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, in collaboration with National Statistical Offices in the ECE region, this site was launched in October 2000 to bring together both gender statistics and policies focusing on the production, dissemination and use of gender related data. In addition to statistics, this site outlines some of the main gender issues relevant to the region, and provides examples of policies and other initiatives.

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