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  • Buddhist Digital Library & Museum
    This site operated by the Center for Buddhist Studies at the National Taiwan University contains a wealth of material including an extensive article database and links to various canonical texts. The site is available in both English and Chinese versions.

  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
    This site provides information about Buddhist technical terms, texts, monasteries, schools, traditions, and persons that appear in Buddhist canonical texts and other relevant sources. It has been compiled by experts in Buddhist studies.

  • The International Dunhuang Project
    This beautifully designed website includes a vast array of useful information and high-quality images of ancient Buddhist manuscripts, paintings, and artifacts discovered at Dunhuang and at other Silk Road sites. Each item is presented in its historical context with the help of maps, photos, and bibliographic data.

  • Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
    This site devoted to Tibetan Buddhism contains a searchable bibliography of classical Tibetan literature and a biographical database of Tibetan religious figures accompanied with good-quality images.

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