Alverno College: Invest in You, featuring Blue-haired creative woman

Everyone knows money is tight these days. But that doesn’t mean you automatically settle for less in life – it just means you have to choose your path more carefully.

By making an investment in yourself, you can start yourself down the right path. Consider this:

94% of Alverno Graduates find employment within 6 months of graduation

Take a moment to read how our students, as well as educators and employers in the community, describe the Alverno experience. We think you’ll see how investing in yourself is the one decision that never stops paying you back.

“(Alverno grads) have a level of maturity you don’t typically find.”
Chris Sharrow
Managing Editor of Footlights
Marcus Promotions
“Earning a degree from an institution that ranks number one put me in very good standings when looking for a graduate school.”
Kristen Speerschneider, Alverno 2014

“Professors helped me to refine my portfolio . . . and resume. I went through a number of mock interviews with professors and professionals in the community.”
Katie Heino, Alverno 2011

“I have been involved with hiring about 80 percent of our faculty and staff, and I can recognize an Alverno graduate immediately in an interview.”
Dr. William Hughes
Greendale School District