Alverno College: Desire to be Great - featuring Rising artwork

Nobody dreams of being mediocre. Deep down, you know you're someone special. Don’t you have an image of your life turning into something meaningful?

There’s no real shortcut to finding your path. So if you’re wondering if college is something you can afford, consider the viewpoints of some women who have been where you are – and whether they feel comfortable with their choice to attend Alverno.

“I came to Alverno at a turning point in my life. Once I decided to become an Education major, I felt I was on a path with real direction. I now have a sense of purpose and confidence that I had lost along the way. Alverno stresses the idea of female empowerment. Since becoming an Alverno student, I have learned to stand up for myself and take charge of my life.”
                        - Carly Schneider, Alverno 2013

“I’m currently in my first semester of a clinical in the cardiac unit of a hospital and I’m already learning so much. Rotating through different nursing specialties will not only prepare me for my first job, but it will help me get a feel for which specialty suits me best.”
                        - Jennifer Hidalgo, Alverno 2012

“(Alverno’s number 1 ranking by U.S. News & World Report) makes me feel so proud and glad to be an Alverno student. I am so happy that I made the right choice. I will be proud to call myself an Alverno alum.”
                        - Vanessa Vasquez, Alverno 2012

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