Banner image with Mimi and the words the world needs strong women

Alverno College was founded by the School Sisters of St. Francis. You could think of them as the original strong women. Founded in 1874 right here in Wisconsin, the founders’ mission was simply to care for people in need.

Today, what the world needs is strong women. And Alverno College is one of the nation’s largest Catholic women’s colleges. We’ve created a community of learning which celebrates diversity in every form:  A diversity of people, a diversity of experience, and a diversity of thought.

If you're wondering why a women's college is worth it, take a look at the stats* - compared to other liberal arts colleges or public universities, students at a women's college were more likely to:

  • Make frequent class presentations
  • Learn to lead
  • Become analytical thinkers
  • Learn effective writing and speaking skills
  • Develop self-confidence

*2008 Hardwick Day Study

We featured eight of those strong Alverno women in a recent issue of Alverno Magazine, including Dr. Carol Meils ('75), the first-ever Wisconsin recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Heart Association; Kal Lawler ('82), the first female vice president at Harley Davidson; and one of the first female CEOs in Wisconsin, former Ameritech president Ellen Gardner ('69).

Read more about how they broke down barriers to become some of the firsts in their respective fields - and then begin your journey by applying for our undergraduate or Master's program.