Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do an internship?
Weekday College students are required to do at least one internship for academic credit. Students should talk with their advisors as some majors require two internships.

When can I do my internship?
Students do their internships when they are in their junior or senior year after they have completed some upper-level courses in their major, and with the approval of their advisor.

How much time do I spend working at an internship site?
Students must be on site eight to 12 hours a week during the duration of a semester, or 120-180 hours total during the summer. They also must attend a seminar on campus concurrently with the internship experience (other arrangements are made for national and international internships).

Can internships be paid?
Sometimes interns are paid, but many are unpaid. However, students earn two to four hours of academic credit while gaining professional experience.

Can I do my internship at my job?
Students can do an internship at their job site only if they can negotiate a new project or job where they will learn new professional skills. It is usually in the student's best interest to explore other organizations and make new contacts.