Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Financial Aid Office is required to have a Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for all students attending the College. This policy is different than the Academic Progress Policy maintained by the College. Students who do not meet this policy could lose their eligibility for financial assistance. It is your responsibility to understand this policy and make sure that you maintain the standards. 



Federal Financial Aid regulations require institutions to establish and consistently apply both qualitative and quantitative standards to measure Satisfactory Academic Progress for purposes of financial aid eligibility.  These standards apply to all students who receive aid administered by the College, including all Federal Title IV aid funds (Direct Student Loans, Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), Perkins Loans, Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Talent Incentive Program Grants (TIP)), institutional scholarships and grants, state grants and scholarships and the Federal Work Study Program.  Alverno has established the following criteria to be uniformly applied to all financial aid recipients.  Code of Federal Regulations 668.34 outlines the minimum requirements that schools must use in determining their Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

  1. Standard Governing the Quality of Academic Progress

After completing each semester, students who have received financial aid for any period of time are reviewed by the Academic Status Committee.  The Academic Status Committee places a student on probationary status if the student is unsuccessful in one-half or more of the classes attempted.  Students must improve their academic record within two semesters in order to remain enrolled.  Students who continue to demonstrate a pattern of unsuccessful academic work are dismissed from Alverno College.    

 2. Standards for Governing the Quantity of Academic Progress

Quantity of academic progress includes two components measured separately - by semester and by the maximum timeframe.

Semester Criteria -

Financial Aid recipients must complete 2/3 (66.7%) of their attempted credits each semester to be in good standing for financial aid.  Satisfactory Academic Progress is measured after each semester, including summer term.   Registered credits as of and added after the census date (approximately 2 weeks after weekday college begins) are included in the calculation.  Only grades of “S” count as completed credits.  Courses with grades of U-Unsatisfactory, I-Incomplete, DW-Drop/Withdraw, UW-Unofficial Withdraw and R-Repeat are not completed credits.

Students who fail to complete the minimum number of credits are placed on Financial Aid Warning and are notified in writing.  While on warning if the student earns 2/3 of attempted credits the next semester the warning is removed.  If the student does not complete 2/3 of attempted credits the following semester, the student is ineligible for financial aid.

Maximum Timeframe Criteria -

Students must complete their programs within 150% of the expected length of the program.   Maximum timeframes are as follows:

 Weekday College                              198  attempted credits

Alverno on the Weekend                    165 attempted credits

Graduate Programs                            150% of published number of credits

Progress within the maximum timeframe is measured at 100 attempted credits.  Students who have not earned 2/3 (66.7%) of these credits will be ineligible for financial aid. 

Transfer and second degree students who appear unable to complete their degrees within the maximum timeframe will be required to file a graduation plan with the Advising Office.   Failure to do so by the given date will result in an ineligible status for future semesters.

3.    SAP Statuses

Warning - For any semester in which a student does not successfully pass 2/3 of attempted credits.      Student is eligible for financial aid while on warning.

Ineligible - If the student fails to earn 2/3 of attempted credits while on any status other than “eligible”, the student becomes ineligible for financial aid.

Ineligible - Maximum timeframe concern - If the student has not earned 2/3 of 100 or more attempted credits OR is deemed unlikely to complete the program within the maximum timeframe the student becomes ineligible for financial aid.

Probation - Students who are ineligible for financial aid and whose appeals are granted are placed on probation.  Probation is for one semester only.  Student is eligible for financial aid.

Academic Plan - Students deemed unable to complete their program within the maximum timeframe will be required to have a graduation plan on file  in the Advising Office and must complete 2/3 of attempted credits each subsequent semester.   Students are eligible for financial aid as long as the terms of the academic plan are followed.

4.  Appeal Procedure

  1.  A student may appeal an ineligible status.  The written appeal must be submitted with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form at least (3) days prior to the start of the next semester.  The appeal must include an explanation of the circumstances that led to the situation and what steps the student will take to restore normal progress towards graduation.Appeals may be granted for, but are not limited to, health reasons, family emergencies, and other circumstancesbeyond the student's control. 
  2. Completed appeal forms must be submitted to Instructional Services, Room LA 405, Attn:  Nancy Bornstein.  Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned. 
  3. Results of the appeal will be communicated to the student in sriting within 14 days of submission.  Appeal decisions are final and connot be further appealed!
  4. If an appeal is granted, the student is put on either Financial Aid Probation or an Academic Plan.  If denied, student is inelgible for aid until he/she pays and completes 2/3 of attempted credits in a subsequent semester.  Courses must be taken at Alverno College.
  5. Failure to complete 2/3 of attempted credits the following semester will result in an ineligible status; this applies to both Probation and Academic Plan status. 


                                                                                       5.  Important Facts



  • Semesters in which the student did not receive financial assistance are counted in the above calculations.  This is in compliance with federal regulations.
  • Acceptance of financial aid each semester indicates understanding of this policy.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress is measured after each semester of enrollment, including summer.

Any questions regarding the Satisfactory Academic Policy or procedures should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at (414) 382-6046. 

Rev. November 2012