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SALT Partnership

Information and Benefits of SALT

Alverno College has partnered with the nonprofit organization, American Student Assistance, to offer SALT to all current students and recent alumni. This partnership gives you FREE access all of the benefits of the site, including Salt Courses that can help teach you more about how to earn, save and spend money smarter.

SALT can help you with:

  • Finding scholarships, internships, and jobs 
  • Tracking and planning your student loans
  • Managing student loans and repayment options
  • Creating a manageable budget
  • Credit and debt management
  • Saving and investing
  • Be more financially savvy with Salt Courses interactive lessons

We know borrowing loans to pay for your education is a big responsibility and we want to give you the tools you need to navigate the loan process with minimal stress and hopefully save you money in the long run. With a little help, you'll be on your way to financial success in the future.

Sign up now at:

Loan counseling assistance for recent alumni:

877-523-9473 or