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Important Dates - Refunds And Withdrawals

Important information about your Financial Aid eligibility as it relates to dropping or withdrawing from courses:

  • Dropping credits after the census date may affect future eligibility for aid.  The census date is posted every year in the Student Handbook, IOL, and the offices of Advising, Business, and Financial Aid.
  • Withdrawing from school after the start of classes may affect future Financial Aid eligibility.
  • Withdraw, official or unofficial, prior to completing 60% of the semester will require a reduction of your Financial Aid.  Some funds will be returned to the source, and you will owe Alverno College the amount that was returned.  If you received a refund, you may be required to return part of it.  Future eligibility for Financial Aid may also be affected.  Semester 60% dates are posted below, on IOL, and in various offices.
  • Students earning no credit for a Semester will be assumed to be an unofficial withdraw and will be required to return Financial Aid funds

Spring 2016 Important Dates

Fall 2016 Important Dates

Spring 2017 Important Dates

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