Alverno Community Conference 2015: A Tapestry of Sustainability

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For full-day participants, you can register for up to 3 breakout sessions. If you will not be attending one of the sessions please choose "will not attend this breakout session" for each choice. There is no registration required for the Keynote speaker and the afternoon panel discussion.

Session 1 (8:35 am – 9:35am) FIRST CHOICE

Session 1 (8:35 am – 9:35am) SECOND CHOICE


Session 2 (9:50 am – 10:50am) FIRST CHOICE

Session 2 (9:50 am – 10:50am) SECOND CHOICE


Session 3 (2:30 pm – 3:15 pm) FIRST CHOICE

Session 3 (2:30 pm – 3:15 pm) SECOND CHOICE

Optional Lunch/Activity
I would like to attend the Growing Power lunch for a cost of $8.00
Tours/Off-Campus Opportunities
Bike Trip (weather dependent)
Lakefront Brewery Environmental Tour - $8