Writing Assessment

The writing assessment asks you to respond to one of two topics, both of which relate to the reading article.  In a one to two page essay, you will tell about an incident or give your opinion on a related event.  You will need to clearly establish the purpose and focus for writing and provide adequate supporting information to make your ideas clear to the reader.  Proofread your final copy for grammatical correctness.

Effective writing strategies include

  • follow a writing process--brainstorm ideas, create a map or outline to help organize ideas, and write a draft
  • determine the purpose and focus, maintain that focus, and develop ideas with appropriate detail
  • include complete and correct sentences varied in length and structure
  • carefully proofread

The assessment is not timed.  As a guideline, most students spend about an hour to an hour and one-half for the writing assessment.  Additional time is available if needed.

Sample Writing Assessment:

Sample Article for Reading (and Writing) Assessment (pdf)
Sample Writing Assessment Topics (pdf)
Sample Writing Assessment Response for Topic #2 (pdf)